TRUEFOOD introduces innovation into the traditional European Food Production systems. Traditional Food Products means for us all regional and national products in cooking traditions.
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Project management description

TRUEFOOD is coordinated by Daniele Rossi, administrator of the European Economic Interest Group SPES GEIE headquartered in Rome, viale Pasteur n.10. In order to ensure proper management for TRUEFOOD it has been settled a four management levels structure as shown in the following diagram:

Project Management Unit (PMU) consists of the Project Coordinator and specialized technical and financial project managers provided by Agriconsulting S.p.A. (contractor n.29). The coordination among the PMU members is daily based in order to offer financial, administrative, strategic and technical support for the entire consortium.

Daniele Rossi SPES GEIE TRUEFOOD Coordinator

Giovanni Scola Agriconsulting S.p.A.


Anca Nicolescu Agriconsulting S.p.A

Maurizio Notarfonso Agriconsulting S.p.A.

TRUEFOOD activities are divided in two pillars:

•  Scientific pillar the coordinator is Prof. Georges Corrieu (INRA), scientist of international standing with more of 25 years research management experience, including European, national and industries sponsored projects;

•  Industrial pillar the coordinator is Dr. Marina Leonardi (ENEA), internationally renowned scientist with more than 20 years extensive experience in transferring research results into commercial practice.


TRUEFOOD activities are structured into 9 work packages each one led by a WP leader .

WP leaders provide scientific and industrial lead and settle scientific disputes that may arise within the consortium; they prepare and submit to the PMU consolidated technical work package reports, gather the deliverables connected with their WP and send them to the PMU; they organise and implement internal monitoring activities and prepare the minutes of the meetings organised at work package level. For this purpose senior scientists and senior technology transfer professionals have been chosen:

WP0 Management Activities

Daniele Rossi (SPES)

WP1 Determination of consumer perception, expectations, and attitudes

Margrethe Hersleth (MATFORSK)

WP2A Improving safety of traditional foods

Marie-Christine Montel (INRA)

WP2B Improving safety of traditional foods

Raffaele Lamanna (ENEA)

WP3 Predictive Modelling and Risk Assessment of Traditional Foods

George-John Nychas (AUA)

WP4 Improving nutritional quality of traditional products in line with consumer demands

Pere Gou (IRTA)

WP5 Improved marketing and food supply chain organisation methods for traditional food products

Xavier Gellynck (UGENT)

WP6 Pilot scale evaluation, demonstration and transfer of innovation to industry

Christophe Cotillon (ACTIA)

WP7 Environmental, societal, human and economic impacts of innovation

Giuseppe Maiani (INRAN)

WP8 Dissemination, training and technology transfer

Daniele Rossi (SPES)


Expert scientists and technology transfer professionals with substantial project management experience have been chosen as managers of individual project tasks and subtasks. They are supported by teams of scientists from partner organisations and subcontractors

Task and subtask managers has to:

•  Carry out the activities described in the Technical annex;

•  Prepare and timely submit to the PMU the 18 months implementation plans related to their WP;

•  Prepare and timely submit any other documents, information and deliverables connected with their tasks or subtasks, to other partners, their WP leaders and pillar coordinator ;

•  Supply to the PMU and WP leaders all information and documents needed to fulfil obligations arising from the consortium agreement and EU contract.


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