TRUEFOOD introduces innovation into the traditional European Food Production systems. Traditional Food Products means for us all regional and national products in cooking traditions.
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Project Results

In this section you may find the most important Project Results reached by each Work Package.

The results are of direct interest for the Food and Drink Industry and the stakeholder community.


Main Project Results - OVERVIEW



Definition of  traditional food product:

A product frequently consumed or associated with specific celebrations and/or seasons, transmitted from one generation to another, made in a specific way according to the gastronomic heritage, distinguished and known thanks to its sensory properties and associated to a certain local area, region or country.


Control of  biologically derived and  process induced chemical hazards in TFPs.

Efficiency of active packaging systems tested in semi industrial cheese production


Use of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance techniques for:

-         assessment of changes in packaging materials during food contact

-         study of food degradation in packaging materials

-        migration test on active packaging films


The use of active films which contains at the surface special substances acting as protecting agent may help to increase food quality and shelf life.


Monitoring of the Time- temperature

Time- temperature profile monitoring (performed in supermarket refrigerators, transportation vehicles, home refrigerators, home leaders)showed some significant temperature abuses in the chill supply chain. Consumer practices are not ideal, perishable foods are kept frequently at wrong places in refrigerators.


Physicochemical data (i.e. pH, water activity, moisture content) collected during the shelf life of selected TFPs showed great visibility: certain level could suppress the growth of pathogenic  micro organism but in other cases no inhibitory action was observed.


Effects on cows diet and milking

Long term effect of cows diet supplementation based on different sources of rapeseeds or extruded linseeds on cows performances:

-         No reduction in dry matter intake, milk yield and milk fat content

-        Animal weight and milk protein content were depressed


Reduction of daily milking from twice to once (ODM) in early lactation to increase nutritional quality of milk:

-         increase of milk fat (20%) and protein (7%) contents

-         no increase in vitamins A or E contents in milk

-         increase of milk losses (about 36% during the first 18 weeks of lactation) ODM does not seem to be an interesting alternative to obtain milk with an increased nutritional quality


Dairy-cured hams & smoked salted salmon

Technological innovation to improve the salt distribution and reduce the overall salt content in dry-cured hams:

-         A method was developed for restructured hams (RH), which accelerated the salt distribution and drying

-         K-lactate improve microbiological stability in RH with reduced salt content

-         Computed tomography was useful for the process characterization


Improved marketing and supply chain organization methods for TFPs

Analysis and comparison of the results of the survey with 271 companies belonging to 91 traditional food chains across three European countries (Belgium, Italy and Hungary) and of the survey with 47 support organizations in ten European countries (Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, France).

The results from the first survey show that there are cultural differences influencing the innovation capacity of traditional food chains, but that in general collaboration has a significant effect. However, also the level of innovation capacity has a positive correlation with the geographical distance of external knowledge .


Effect of the diet and the storage of fruits on human health

Consumption of cheese with reduced Sfas can limit the increased blood concentration of atherogenic fatty acids (myristics acid, C14:0)

Bioactive compounds are affected by storage. Domestic storage affects food nutritional  value i.e. determinants of the global quality of strawberry  as well as of all fruits and vegetables  are related to both the native quantity of bioactive compounds in food and the storage treatments.


Training and dissemination results

Technology transfer activities reaching 23.500 SMEs were implemented by TDUs and research centres and universities in 15 countries: France, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Slovenia and Great Britain.

233 training activities targeting more than 6.226 participants .





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