TRUEFOOD introduces innovation into the traditional European Food Production systems. Traditional Food Products means for us all regional and national products in cooking traditions.
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Info for SMEs

One of the main objective of TRUEFOOD project is the exploitation and the dissemination of the knowledge produced by the RTD Work Packages (WPs) to the wider industry through the activities implemented by the Techno- Scientific Mediators (TSMs) in cooperation with the research partners. The transfer of research results from the RTD WPs to the Training and Dissemination Units (TDUs) / SPES members and from the Training and Dissemination Units (TDUs) to the SMEs started during the previous phase and will continue until the end of the Project.

The TDUs in collaboration with the research partners verify and convert the scientific results into appropriate format for the industry. At the same time the TDUs take into account the expectations of the industry from R&D and are able to identify and analyze SMEs needs for new knowledge and solutions.

In order to achieve these objectives TDUs are using different tools (e.g., personnel visits to SMEs, meetings and round table discussions, focus groups, direct e-mailing and periodical dissemination of information, training on research results and food innovation issues, etc.). In particular, TDUs are organizing training events for SMEs and disseminating information through the INFO SHEETs containing the projects’ research results:


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