TRUEFOOD introduces innovation into the traditional European Food Production systems. Traditional Food Products means for us all regional and national products in cooking traditions.
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Presentation Daniele Rossi

Presentation Mella Frewen

Presentation Margrethe Hersleth

Presentation Laura Rossi

Presentation Pere Gou

Presentation Georges Corrieu

Presentation Montel and Samelis

Presentation Nychas

Presentation Xavier Gellynck

Presentation Christophe Cotillon

Presentation Cecilia Chiapero

Presentation Andras Sebok

Presentation Drausinger FIAA LVA

Presentation Scotto di Tella FED

Presentation Gorga ANIA

Presentation Fotini SEVT

Presentation Yudum Yakin SETBIR

Presentation Gouder FEVIA

Presentation Marina Leonardi


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