TRUEFOOD introduces innovation into the traditional European Food Production systems. Traditional Food Products means for us all regional and national products in cooking traditions.
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The 10 things you didn’t know about Traditional Food Products

Did you know …

1.         …what is the European consumer’s image of a traditional food product?
A product frequently consumed or associated with specific celebrations and/or seasons, transmitted from one generation to another, made in a specific way according to the gastronomic heritage, distinguished and known thanks to its sensory properties and associated to a certain local area, region or country.

2.         …that traditional food can be innovative?
Tradition and innovation are not necessarily opposed. Almost 5.000 European consumers expressed their choice for several innovations thanks to the TRUEFOOD project.

3.         …what is an active packaging?
Active packaging refers to the incorporation of material’s into packaging systems with the aim of improving or extending packed product quality and shelf-life.

4.         …that decreasing salt consumption is one of the main objectives of the European health policy in order to reduce the risk of coronary diseases?
TRUEFOOD researchers are studying the effect of using potassium lactate to reduce salt content up to 50% in dry-cured hams.

5.         …that it is possible to avoid the pesticides use in the Mediterranean vegetable crops?
TRUEFOOD researchers are evaluating the employment of selected plants, as flower strips, to control the parasite population without spraying the lettuce crops.

6.         …that it is possible to reduce the energy consumption in the cheese production?
TRUEFOOD researchers are studying the sequential steps of the air ventilation on cheese ripening as a possible tool for energy saving.

7.         …that, within the TRUEFOOD project, we are trying to improve the safety and sensory qualities of traditional food products origin?
TRUEFOOD researchers are evaluating the addition of “friendly” microbes and/or protective cultures in cheese manufacturing, in order to improve the safety and sensory qualities of traditional dairy products.

8.         …that within the TRUEFOOD project, we are studying a new tool in order to detect the presence of toxins in the food chain?
TRUEFOOD researchers are trying to develop sensitive diagnostic tools for toxins detection in traditional food products (i.e. beer).

9.         …that it is possible to improve the nutritional composition of standard milk?
TRUEFOOD researches are trying to decrease the saturated fatty acids content in milk without negatively affect the sensory characteristics of some traditional dairy products.

10.       …that one of the main goals of TRUEFOOD project is the dissemination of the knowledge achieved about the innovation on traditional food products?
Within the TRUEFOOD project, 11 Training and Dissemination Units (TDUs) have been established. Up to now, the TDUs have already reached about 42.000 contacts  (general public, higher education, companies, research centers, media, public authorities) in Europe and trained more than 2500 SMES.

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